Immobilienfotograf liefert Luftaufnahme der Orangerie im Park Sanssouci Potsdam. Foto von Reinhardt & Sommer, Lizenziert durch Landeshauptstadt Potsdam und Stiftung Preussische Schlösser und Gärten Berlin Brandenburg

Architectural and Real Estate Photographer

Capturing your building for presentation or sale with high-quality photos is the focus of our work as real estate photographers.

Reinhardt & Sommer real estate photography is synonymous with atmospheric architectural shots, aiming to showcase your property in the right light, captivate viewers, or support the sale of real estate.

We visualize properties

For our photography work in architecture & real estate, we serve architects, brokers, agencies, property owners, or major clients in the real estate sector.

Aerial photography and ‚blue hour‘ shots are our the basics. The real fun begins with tilt-shift photography or virtual home staging.

Drawing on our experience working with numerous hotels, we excel in finding the right perspective for interior shots, transforming even the dullest rooms into a dream home with just a few touches.

With our 360-degree photos, you can captivate your clients even before their first on-site visit.

For aerial photography in Berlin & Brandenburg, we possess the necessary permits and equipment to optimally showcase the location of your property in relation to its surroundings.

This approach allows us to offer completely new perspectives to your potential buyers.

Options for Real Estate and Architectural Photography

Photograph of a lobby of a commercial real estate by photographer in germany

Classical architectural photography

Classical architectural photography is characterized by its clear lines and focused view of the subject. These traditional architectural images are taken from the ground and thrive on a balanced composition. Suitable for any kind of property, they form the core of our work as photographers.

Architectural photo during Blue Hour at Alexanderplatz in Berlin

Blue hour real estate

Just after the sun sets, the sky begins to glow. As darkness approaches, the artificial lighting from windows, signs, and ambient light becomes prominent. We prefer to use this brief, atmospheric period, known as the ‚blue hour,‘ for our architectural photography.

Vertical real estate shot with a drone top down in Hamburg

Aerial imagery and drones

The larger an object, the more challenging it becomes to fully capture it from the ground alone. Aerial photography can be instrumental in optimally depicting parks, landscapes, or larger commercial properties. Even for residential properties, aerial photos are beneficial to showcase the property in its context to the surrounding area and location.

Real estate photos of the skyline in Frankfurt am Main

Panoramic photos

A panoramic photo, composed of multiple individual images, offers numerous advantages. With a panorama, one can place objects in the context of their surroundings.

Additionally, it allows for capturing ‚around the corner‘ or preserving sight lines from the object in a single representative image.

Interior shot of a dental lab in Berlin

Interior shots

Interior photos range from classic shots with simple lines to atmospheric images full of life.

We create interior shots of the hotel with its restaurant and suites, as well as of the living area in a single-family home or the modern kitchen in a condominium.

New in our portfolio is our virtual home staging.

Large Tripod photo of a commercial property in Berlin

Large tripod real estate photos

High tripod real estate photography is a small niche in our work, but when used skillfully, it is very effective.

The high tripod is employed when aerial photography with drones is impossible due to local conditions, or when a property is not optimally visible from a pedestrian perspective.

Classical architectural subjects

Classical architectural photography is distinguished by its clear lines and focused view of the object. These traditional architectural or real estate photos are shot from the ground and rely on a balanced composition. Suitable for any type of property, they are the essence of our work as real estate photographers.

Suitable for: any kind of property, for example, single-family homes, condominiums, commercial properties, architectural portfolios.

Blue hour real estate images

Just after sunset, the sky begins to light up. Simultaneously, it’s not as bright, allowing the artificial lighting from windows, signs, and surrounding illumination to emerge. We prefer this brief yet atmospheric time, known as the ‚blue hour,‘ for our real estate and architectural photography. Blue hour photos are suitable for all types of properties, especially recommended for commercial properties with exterior lighting, buildings on busy streets, or inhabited structures. An advantage of the blue hour is its weather independence. Even an overcast sky can add a special dynamic to the image.

Suitable for: shopping centers, medium and large commercial properties or hotels with outdoor lighting, single-family homes.

Aerial images & Drones for commercial properties in Berlin

The larger a property is, the more challenging it becomes to fully capture it from the ground. Aerial photography using drones is particularly helpful in optimally showcasing larger commercial properties, mansions, parks, castles, and gardens. Aerial photos are also beneficial for residential properties, helping to illustrate the property’s context in its surroundings and location, thereby enhancing its value for sale.

We photograph using a drone or a multirotor and have all necessary insurances and the experience required for a swift approval process in special take-off conditions. Interestingly, the most captivating aerial images are taken at low to medium altitudes, between 7-49 meters.

Suitable for: large properties, properties in unique locations or settings, properties with special views.

Panoramic shots and tours in Germany

A panoramic photo, created by combining multiple individual images, offers many advantages. It allows for placing objects within the context of their surroundings. It also enables capturing ‚around the corner‘ or preserving sight lines from the object in a single representative image. We often use panoramic photography for our interior shots as well.

Suitable for: interior shots, objects with special details, commercial properties, virtual tours, large prints and wall-art

Interior images

Interior photography ranges from classic shots with simple lines to atmospheric images of interiors brimming with life. We create interior shots of hotels with their restaurants and suites, as well as the living areas in single-family homes or the modern kitchen in a condominium. Depending on the objective of the photos, we can create a special ambiance using natural or artificial lighting, showcasing each property in its best light.

Suitable for: interior shots, properties with unique details, commercial real estate.

Virtual Home Staging

For vacant properties or houses awaiting renovation, virtual home staging is ideal for visualizing future possibilities.

With digitally added furniture, you enhance your chances of captivating prospective tenants, buyers, or investors. It aids in sparking their imagination and could also provide additional interior design suggestions. We offer room-by-room home staging, either per image, per room, or for a custom scope.

Virtual furnishing for realtors can be done independently of the photography, meaning it can also be applied after a photo shoot has already been completed. Depending on the scope and quality level, the images are ready in 4-7 business days.

Virtual home staging by real estate photographers in Berlin and Potsdam utilizes advanced digital technology to create highly realistic and attractive images of properties, enabling potential buyers to visualize interior setups even before they exist or are physically set up. This innovative approach transforms empty or outdated spaces into fully furnished, stylish homes through digital furnishings and decor.

Very large tripod can replace drones

High tripod real estate photography is a specialized niche in our work. The high tripod is used when a drone aerial photographer is prohibited due to local conditions, or when a property is not optimally visible from a pedestrian perspective.

A high-resolution camera, superior in quality to any drone, is used on the high tripod. This allows for the creation of very high-resolution images from unique angles. Elements typically seen as obstructions, like street signs, traffic lights, or trees, take on a completely different relation to the object when viewed from the high tripod.

Suitable for: large properties, properties with difficult access, properties requiring particularly high-resolution files, properties with flight restrictions under § 21b LuftVO.

360° Photos and virtual tours for Google Maps

With virtual tours and 360° photos, you bring the experience of a place to anywhere in the world. Interested guests can get a first impression in advance or follow events from afar. 360° photos are perfect for visualizing interiors, exteriors, and overviews: we work both on the ground and in the air.

Spherical panoramas are suitable for uploading to Google Maps, Facebook, or many other providers of 360° experiences.

Virtual tours are based on 360° photos, enabling contactless viewings: real estate agents can pre-qualify prospects and, for instance, present apartments via Zoom meetings. Information points in the rooms can describe room sizes or special features.

For retail stores, gyms, or restaurants, virtual tours offer the opportunity to combine both the business and its products in a unique presentation.

What are the benefits of 360° visuals for businesses?

360° photos and VR tours based on them increase the duration of visits to your website. This makes the site more relevant in the eyes of search engines, potentially leading to a higher placement in search results and thus more future visitors to the website.

Suitable for: restaurants, retail stores, gyms, museums, castles, spas, hotels, town halls, registry offices, exhibitions, dance studios, theaters, sports studios, gyms, city views & city marketing, construction sites, and construction progress documentation.

360° Streetview Walkaround

Virtual Tour in a Retail Store with Information Points on Products Linking to Individual Landing Pages or Product Pages.

Photos by your Real Estate Pros

Call us or send us a message. As a team of architectural photographers based in Berlin and Potsdam, we work throughout Germany. We helped sell millions worth of properties in the past 15 years of service.

Our real estate and architectural services are particularly suited for:

Photos of commercial properties. Malls. Hotels. Shopping centers. Condominiums. Retail stores. Single-family homes. Semi-detached houses. Multi-family houses. Penthouse apartments. Clubs & nightclubs. Hotels. Images for shopping centers. Event venues. Spas. Boardinghouses. Train stations. Hospitals. Government buildings.

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