Businessfoto mit Michael Reinhardt und Christian Sommer aus Potsdam

Commercial Photographer Reinhardt & Sommer

Allow us to introduce ourselves: Michael Reinhardt and Christian Sommer. Since 2009, we have been working together as Reinhardt & Sommer Photographers. As natives of Potsdam, we primarily operate in and around Potsdam, Berlin and the state of Brandenburg. However, with satisfied clients, we find ourselves traveling across Germany and neighburing countries on a recurring basis.

Among our references are advertising campaigns such as „Italy in Potsdam“ for the city of Potsdam, which was created in collaboration with the Foundation of Prussian Palaces and Gardens.

We have photographed large real estate portfolios for publicly traded companies and are especially experts in photography of malls and shopping centers.

We specialize in large events, where people come together and need to be wow’d: with fast photography services and ideas to stay in the heads of your guests after the event is over: by providing them with photography for social-media or with prints which they can share at home with family and friends.

Our drone services provide reliable aerial imagery in Berlin and Brandenburg – two states with difficult drone laws.

At the same time, we are pleased to work as photographers for local clients such as medical practices, retailers, IT service providers, clinics, startups, law & tax firms, restaurants, medium-sized enterprises, and hotels from Potsdam and the surrounding area.

Businessfotograf Unternehmensofotograf Michael Reinhardt aus Potsdam

Michael Reinhardt

Born in ’85, family man, photographer, new CrossFit enthusiast, cyclist.

I appreciate when symmetry is right and lines are straight. The Blue Hour has captured my heart, and I enjoy clients who are open to advice.

I’m bothered by street signs and small, out-of-place hairs. However, I can quickly get excited about a large window front and sufficient space in a conference room.

Within the team, I’m responsible for the post-processing of photos, creating real estate photos and engaging 360° photos, and I handle consultations when new portrait pictures are desired.

When I’m not photographing properties or businesses, I try to capture my twins, Otto & Fred, swing their sister Lilu, or cycle around on my road bike and relax with a 20-minute AMRAP.

Unternehmensfotograf Businessfotograf Christian Sommer aus Potsdam

Christian Sommer

Born in ’83, family man, photographer, king of the playgrounds.

I enjoy it when a plan comes together and we create impressive images from seemingly impossible perspectives or timeframes.

I’m bothered by lack of coordination and dim lighting, but I delight in new technology that elevates our photography.

Within the team, I’m responsible for project preparation, meeting with our clients for introductions, flying drones over Potsdam and Berlin, and brainstorming ideas on how to best showcase Micha’s 360° photos in a VR tour.

When I’m not photographing properties or businesses, I explore the neighborhood playgrounds with my three kids and hatch new vacation ideas.

Fotostudio- und Socialmedia Managerin Vanessa Schümmelfeder

Vanessa Schümmelfeder

Born in ’93, studio & social media manager, blogger, dancer.

Within the team, I’m responsible for scheduling appointments, coordinating client meetings, and managing photographer assignments.

I handle photo security, make the image selections, and send all the work to our clients.

During appointments, I coordinate the technical setup and manage social media. This ensures our clients‘ products and services are communicated directly to their target audience and allows our team to showcase our work.

When I’m not managing photographers, I love to dance passionately.

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