Luftbild von Berlin-Mitte mit dem Stadtschloss, dem Gendarmenmarkt und dem Potsdamer Platz. Luftaufnahmen für Filmproduktion mit Drohne im Dezember 2020

Drone operator and pilot for film production in Berlin

Rent our drones for your photography-, video-, social media-, news-, tv- or movie production in Berlin, Brandenburg and the surrounding area! We provide drone services.

Inspire2 drone with X5s or X7 for rent in Berlin incl. pilot & license.

We fly small and big drones. We offer h.264, h.265 or ProRes 422 or 4444 footage in 4K or 5.2K.

We can fly single and you can use our second remote for camera control. Best results are achieved with our pilot & camera operator unit of two. We have a lot of licenses to fly in the limited Berlin airspace. We can assist with applications for drone flights in Berlin and get your projects off the ground!

Aerial photography and drone services in the capital of Germany

We fly and you control the camera or focus on the target to be filmed. We will organize or assist you in aquiring all licenses required to fly drones in Berlin. Sit back and focus on your content.

We have national and EU drone pilot certifications, currently allowing german §21b LuftVO Abs. 1 Nr. 2 & 5 exemptions (1:1 rule and 10m distance to groups of people, national highways, waterways and traintraks) and we have the new A1/A3 + A2 EU license.

This license availability helps us to fly shortterm with great light for breathtaking productions.

Drone operator in Berlin and Potsdam.

Drohne mieten in Berlin und Potsdam: DJI Inspire2 inkl. Pilot und Wechselobjektive für Foto- und Filmproduktion
Drone for rent in Berlin: DJI Inspire2 with Pilot/Operator and multiple focal lengths for photo- and movie production

Possible focal lengths for aerial cinematography


DJI Inspire2

fixed focal lenses
15, 24, 34, 50, 75, 90mm


HDMI Out possible.

Use our second remote to watch, define the shot or control the camera independantly of the drone.


DJI Phantom 4 Pro / Mavic 2 Pro / Air2S

23 / 24 / 28mm fixed focal length

HDMI Out possible.


DJI FPV or Cinewhoop


Pricing for drone rental / operator in Berlin


Half day 4h
from 500,00 EUR with h.264

Full day 8h
from 900,00 EUR

4K incl. 2nd remote control

ProRes: +30%
5,2K: +30%
CinemaDNG: +50%
Backup or with camera operator: +75%

2x devices in stock


Half day 4h
from 425,00 EUR

Full day 8h
from 625,00 EUR


360°: +30%
VR-Tour: +40%

2x devices


Half day 4h
from 600,00 EUR

Full day 8h
from 1.000,00 EUR


Net prices for drone flight, drone operation and all drone-related work in Berlin & Brandenburg. Post-production required for optimal results.

Flight license: some in stock and some need to be aquired: can assist and will apply: 80,00 EUR per hour for applications and communications.

In 2021: have Pre-EU exemptions on hand, that allow some flights outside of tight A1/A2/A3 restrictions until end of year.

Drive: within Berlin autobahn-ring 40,00 EUR.

Else: 0,30 EUR / km.

No drone rental without pilot.

Drone training 249,00 EUR

Authorizations and licenses for flights in berlin

Authorizations for drone flights in Berlin are required at many locations throughout the city. There are nature reserves, restriced flight areas, airports, flight restrictions around government bodies and many other spots where drones cannot fly without authorization. We have licenses for multiple locations to start instantly. For locations where we do not posses authorization, we can apply all necessary documents for your production. We have authorization to fly in the following Areas of Berlin, Brandenburg, Potsdam and further federal states:

  • in the restricted ED-R 4 (Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin Wannsee, of concern for Potsdam Babelsberg)
  • in 2. & 3. NM of the restricted ED-R 146 (around the Bundestag)
  • groups of people up to 10m
  • federal highways up zu 10m incl. crossing in 50m
  • federal waterways like Spree or Havel up zu 10m incl. crossing in 50m
  • in the city up to 120m height
  • in the airport control zone up to 120m height
  • over some water- and forrest bodies up to 250m height

Costs for drone licenses or authorizations in Berlin

To fly a drone or multi copter in Berlin, the costs are dependant on the exact location of your desired production and range between 50 and 900 EUR.

How long does it take to aquire an autorization?

It takes between 5 days and 28 days to recieve flight authorization, depending on the location and the government authority who is granting the license. Nature reserves take the longest: up to 28 days.

Panorama Aufnahme über Potsdam mit Glienicker Brücke, Havel und Schloss Babelsberg
Aerial photo of the Glienicke bridge of spies between Berlin & Potsdam. movie production with drone in september 2020

Stock aerial footage of Berlin

With each flight, our stock footage archive is growing. We have footage of:

  • Stadtschloss & Humboldt Forum
  • Brandenburg gate
  • Gendarmenmarkt
  • Berlin Dome
  • Rotes (Red) Rathaus
  • Alexanderplatz inkl. church and TV Tower
  • Lichtenberg
  • BER Airport & closed runways
  • Pfaueninsel

Usage for news content and commercial licensing available. If your desired motive is not on this list, we are happy to dig deeper in our archive or produce new footage.

Q&A about rental drones and operators in Berlin

Who is this drone rental Berlin offer for?

We are offering our drone services to filmmakers, producers, advertising, videographers, photographers or all businesses interested in aerial footage of Berlin, Potsdam and the state of Brandenburg.

Can we contact you in english or other languages?

Absolutely. We are fluent in english and will do our best to work with french or italian speaking productions. Get in touch via phone 00491621339451 or (prefered) email with your plans, questions or specific locations to fly at.

What are you offering?

A drone with experienced operator/pilot, a license that covers flights in many parts of Berlin and the data transfer of all files. As an option: a team of a drone and a camera operator.

Can we contact you for drone-related work apart from film & photo?

Absolutely! We do drone consultations and offer many types of drone related work. It all starts with your email to which includes a time-frame, a desired flight location and your questions regarding our services.

Which focal lengths can be flown with?

We can fly with the 35mm equivalents of 15, 24, 34, 50, 75, 90mm fixed and 28-84mm zoom.

Which film codecs do you use?

4K h.264, h.265. 4K / 5,2K ProRes 422, 4444 or CinemaDNG with 6K.

Which camera and lenses do you typically use?

X5s with f/1.8 – f/2.8 15-90mm and X7 with f/2.8 16-50mm lenses.

How can i decide on the flight or control the frame?

The second remote control for our inspire2 drone can be used to follow the flight, transfer the image via HDMI or operate the drones camera by the client or the DoP.

How can the production be secured?

By the use of multiple drones, cameras and pilots and lots of flight hours of experience.

Which special drone flight licenses do you have in 2021?

We can approach groups of people up to 10m. We can cross national highways, waterways, train tracks in 50m height or approach them to a 10m distance. This allows drone flights that are not possible with the new EU A1/A2 50m distance limits. We are free to fly in the ED-R 4 flight limitation area Wannsee (relevant for Potsdam-Babelsberg) and can fly in certain parts of the ED-R 146 around the Bundestag federal government body with certain limitations.

How quickly can you fly in Berlin or Brandenburg/Potsdam?

With our license exemptions we can sometimes fly within 24 hours or less.

How will i recieve the footage?

raw footage on site and edited footage upon individual agreemments. Usage rights tranfer with full payment of our rates.

How long does a typical license request take to be approved?

This fully depends on the site or your production and can differ by the meter. Depending on the authority granting the license, it may take 1-10 weeks with costs between 100-900 EUR.

Can you film or take drone photos of real estate in Berlin?

Absolutly. Have a look at our real estate drone photography. With ultra-wide lenses, we can operate in the tight streets of downtown Berlin. Please send the exact address to check if further licenses are required at your desired location.

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