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The Art of Capturing the Perfect Moment – Event Photographer Berlin & Potsdam

As a professional event photographer, capturing the essence of each unique moment is an art form that requires skill, experience and a keen eye for detail. With a passion for capturing the spirit and energy of every event, we at Reinhardt & Sommer are dedicated to providing high-quality event photography services in Berlin, Potsdam and Brandenburg.

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With years of experience in the industry, our team of expert photographers in Berlin has honed their craft, using the latest in photography equipment and techniques to produce stunning images that capture the essence of your event. Whether you are planning a corporate event, a wedding, a concert or a private party, our team is committed to providing you with the highest level of photography service and the best possible results.

We understand the importance of capturing each moment in its true form, which is why we take the time to get to know our clients and their specific needs before every event. Our photographers work closely with you to ensure that we understand your vision, and are able to capture the most important moments in a way that truly reflects the spirit of your event.

Our clients include Sanofi, Chiesi, Helmholtz Zentrum, city of Potsdam, the Geoforschungszentrum Potsdam, Mars, Verband der Automobilindustrie, KPMG, parliament of Brandenburg, AHK, DIHK, IHK Berlin, Continental, Commerzbank, DM and many more brands & names, who have put their trust into Reinhardt & Sommer event photographers.

Benefits of working with professional photographers for events

There are many benefits to working with a Reinhardt & Sommer professional event photographer, including:

  1. Experience – Our photographers in Berlin & Potsdam have years of experience in capturing events of all shapes and sizes, which means that they know exactly how to get the best possible shots, no matter what kind of event you are planning. People are stunned by our approach to group photos: we direct and talk to your guests in a professional manner while making sure that all eyes are open and all faces show authentic smiles without ever telling them to actually … smile.
  2. Quality – With the latest in photography equipment and techniques, our team is able to produce high-quality images that truly capture the essence of your event.
  3. Attention to Detail – We understand the importance of capturing each moment in its true form, which is why we take the time to get to know our clients and their specific needs before every event. Our photographers work closely with you to ensure that we understand your vision, and are able to capture the most important moments in a way that truly reflects the spirit of your event.
  4. Speed – Getting photos out there quickly is more important than ever before. We can deliver photos on site within 15 minutes or faster using the fast storage cards, fast mobile photo editing laptops and high speed mobile internet on site.
  5. Reliability – Single cameras can fail but multiple cameras on site provide backups. Single photographers might not show up but a team of professional photographers will always provide service. We have backup plans in place for every step of the job: bringing sufficient gear and staff to every job while arriving an hour early to beat every traffic. We store photos on multiple cards and drives.

Ensuring the Perfect Moments of Your Night Are Captured

Our approach to capturing those flawless moments at every event is straightforward and efficient. Skilled photographers on our team will:

  1. Consult with you before the event to understand your vision and specific needs.
  2. Use the latest in photography equipment and techniques to capture high-quality images of each moment. We are Canon Pro photographers with Platin status at Canon Professional Services.
  3. Work closely with you during the event to ensure that we are capturing the most important moments in a way that truly reflects the spirit of your event.
  4. Provide you with a selection of high-quality images that you can use for your event documentation and marketing materials.

Professional press photography team of up to 5

We photograph all kinds of events: big galas and small receptions, conventions, a company workshop, trade shows, exhibitions, christmas partys or the company anniversary.

With multiple photographers in our team we can cover big events from different perspectives. We can be at multiple parts of the event at the same time or shoot at different events or venues for the same client.

Our team can provide social media coverage and deliver photos to press wireless on location.

Drone photography, green screen and live printing

photo prints during an event: deliver moments to your guests on site and make them remember your brands logo
Live-Printing services for guests to receive prints and their digital files via AirDrop onto their phones.

Our drone photography in Berlin delivers astonishing photos of the surroundings while our live event printing services will provide a gift for your guests to take home.

Drone photography is part of our real estate photography in Berlin and Potsdam.

Live event photo printing can be connected to our green screen photobooth: a perfect solution for providing astonishing backgrounds to guest photos shot in a hotel or congress environment.

We can even deliver images on location over-the-air to mobile phones of your guests using AirDrop or QR-Codes for android devices.

Social-Media Management

Will you have time to connect to your followers while the event is going on? We offer social-media management in-house and can assist in

  • Layouts
  • Schedules
  • Audience communication
  • Storys
  • Reels
  • Interviews
  • On Instagram
  • On Facebook
  • On LinkedIn
  • On Twitter
  • On Whatsapp Business
  • On Pinterest
  • On TikTok

Our social-media team works directly with our photographers and can publish content about your event live, prepare your audience before the event and continue the excitement after the event is over.

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Call to talk about your event plans. We are happy to provide you with our event photography and ideas and can connect you with event vendors for planning, lights, sound or catering services.

Event photographer for venues in Berlin Michael Reinhardt

Michael Reinhardt

Head of Photography Team, editing & digital solutions

Fotostudio- and Socialmedia Manager Vanessa Schümmelfeder

Vanessa Schümmelfeder

Head of Social Media Team

professional event and drone photography by Christian Sommer

Christian Sommer

Photography & Head of Drone team

Frequently asked questions about photography in Berlin & Potsdam

Are you available shortterm for my event?

With a team of up to five photographers, we can act fast.

How fast can you deliver the photos?

Our regular speed is 48 hours or faster for full delivery of all event photos in print & web sized jpg files. 5 minutes and even quicker delivery on site are options.

Do you work with drones?

We do and we have a well established procedure for exceptions of Berlins airspace restrictions.

Have you photographed hybrid conferences?

Yes, a lot. Our latest camera technology allows for absolute silent photography in hybrid conference scenarios.

Can you offer live printing on location during the event?

Yes, we can connect our cameras, studio and our photobooth to a live printer. Surprise your guests with printed memories and send us your logo or brand message to show up on the prints.

How do you manage reliability?

We plan up to an hour of buffer prior to arrival. We work with multiple cameras. Our cameras store images on dual storare cards. We have two separate teams of photographers.

Can you take group photos inside?

We have 3 options for group photos (panorama, drone or composing) for group photos at any location.

Can you handle poorly lit places?

Our two options for poorly lit places are bright, fast lenses and the latest camera technology. If flash is an option, we can light up small venues as well as event halls with our lighting equipment.

Can you recommend event vendors?

We have a network of reliable event vendors at hand.

Can you transfer images wireless at the event?

Yes, we can deliver all images to the press onsite: to your press team, to press contacts or to guests via QR or AirDrops.

Why do I need more than one event photographer?

To capture the speakers as well as the reactions. To photograph VIPs as well as decorations and atmospheric shots.

Do you photograph at places other than Berlin?

We photograph at events all over Germany (Frankfurt, Hannover, Hamburg, Leipzig, Munich…) as well as the european neighbouring states. Every year we photograph polo in Austria and Switzerland. We have an international network of photographers available.

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